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It is the time now for  the All India N R Congress (AINRC) to ponder  over what led to it’s debacle in the  assembly elections,the result of which was  announced here yesterday.

   Not only the number of sitting N R Congress members came down from the 15 in 2011 to eight  in this election,but also all the cabinet collegues of  chief minister N Rangasamy (barring chandragasu) were defeated.Mr.Chandragasu did not contest the elections owing to health reasons and  the AINRC fielded  Chandrapriyanga,his daughter  who won from  Nedumgadu.

  The opposition claimed that Mr.Rangasmay failed to act as the chief minister of the whole union territory and acted as if he is the chief minister for only one constituency.They also cited the  appointment to government posts (including backdoor appointment) only to people from  his constituency.To substantiate this claim,AINRC bagged  the Indira Nagar(Rangasamy)Kadirgamam (NSJ Jayabal) and Thattanchavady (Ashok Anand),the constituencies  carved out of Rangasamy’s  Thattanchavady constituency before the  trifurcation.Political observers feel that the induction of  as many as 14 new faces ,denial of seats to  those revolted against the party at the time  of the Rajya Sabha elections and the change of constituencies to some including  tourism minister P Rajavelu  also contributed to the party’s debacle.

   The polling percentage of the AINRC came down to  28.12 percent  this time against the 31.75 percent in 2011 elections.

   The number of persons who opted ‘None Of The Above’(NOTA) to exercise their franchise has also gone up considerably this time and it was  13240 votes(1.65 percent of the total votes)


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