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With hardly a week left for the commencement of  fileing of nominations for the May 16 assembly elections in the union territory,Puducherry remains as calm as a normal day with no political activities as the scenario is yet to get hot up.

  The reason  for the calm prevailing in Puducherry is attributed to the failure of the main parties,the congress and N R congress to take concrete steps to face the elections.

  While,the other parties had taken initiatives to face the elections,the congress and N R Congress  is yet to take any initiatives.Congress on it’s part had completed constituency sharing with DMK and the only hitch is  in identifying the constituencies for which still the talks are on.The DMK which is contesting 9 seats and congress  21 in alliance  of the 30 seats in the union territory is demanding  Nellithoppe and  Mannadipet constituencies  which the congress was reluctant to part with since,it got a chance in these constituencies and hence,no outcome was reached  in the talks so far held.However, it is expected to sort out the problems  today itself.Still then,the congress got the task of selecting candidates for the 21 constituencies.

  On the other hand the ruling N R Congress is yet tot ake any action to contest the elections.Party founder leader and chief minister N Rangasamy a fortnight back kicked off it’s election work with a pooja at the party office and after that he was visiting  several temples worshipping the deities.Since,it has not taken a decision on it’s strategy,the AIADMk had announced that there is no truck with the N R Congress in the assembly elections,though the parties together fought the last  assembly elections in alliance  and  the ties between the parties revived after Mr.Rangasamy gifting the Rajya Sabha seat to the AIADMK.The AIADMK had also announced it’s candidates for all 30 constituencies  here with which the party is fighting the assembly election here alone for the first time.Another party which had a desire to forge an alliance with the N R Congress was the BJP.The party also waited  for long and since there was no response from Rangasamy,the party had safely announced candidates for sixteen searts indicating that there is still chance for a discussion  for an alliance.The PMK is also waiting for a response from Rangasamy to forge an alliance .The party is also expected to announce the first list of ten candidates shortly.

   The AIADMK and Peoples Welfare Alliance (PWA) which finalized the candidates and constituencies (barring the DMDK) started campaigning here .The DMDK which was allotted four seats  in the PWA was not satisfied and  is yet to respond properly.The party local leaders informed the PWA leaders that they would come back after getting in touch with the high command.In this backdrop,the main parties congress and N R congress  failed to finalize the candidates yet.The claim of several people for a single party is said to be a hinderence to the party leaderships to  announce the candidates  both in the congress and  N R Congress.Prominent  leaders who could not obtain a seat in a party is ready to switch over to the opposition party and  with this reason ,both the parties are delaying their candidates selection,sources here says.

   However,political observers here feel that  both the main parties would sort out things in  another couple of days  and indulge in active election works when the scenario would get hot up here.


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