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Pondicherry French Institute agama national seminar



Prof.Roop Kishor Shastri,Director of Maharishi Sandipani Veda Vidya Pratishthan today lauded the service of the French Institute(IFP) here stating that since its inception the French Institute of Pondicherry has taken up the task of delving deep into the domain of the Saivagamas and has been a pioneer in the Saiva Agama studies and research.

Delivering the Key-note address at a three day  National  seminar on Veda  and Agama:meeting grounds and developments at the IFP here today he said

the two textual traditions of the Vedas and the Agamas are the foundation for the vast range of development in the domain of Indian culture in all its phases

After collecting an enormous number of palm leaf manuscripts the institute started the task of critically editing the unpublished Agamas and  has so far critically edited and published a dozen of original Saiva Agamas of the Saivasiddhanta system contributed by great scholars in the Agamas, he said adding that the pioneering work should continue further in future without any disruption so that the UNESCO acclaimed collection of manuscripts can serve the purpose of its existence and be valid.

He  said that the Vedas and the Agamas had influenced the formation of popular religious practices and moulding their developments in the course of centuries  pointed out that while much research and study had been devoted to the Vedic corpus in the preceding centuries not much has been done in the field of Agama studies. The Agamas and particularly the Saivagamas are a parallel tradition to the Vedas which are considered to elaborate the main Vedic elements without being contradictory to them.

  1. Ganesan, senior researcher of Indology department said that after having collected more than 8,000 palm leaf manuscripts from every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas, the Department of Indology has now taken up the task of fundamental research activities such as cataloguing the manuscripts and editing some of the Saiva agamas for the first time


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